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Practice Areas

No matter the situation or case, our firm strives to provide proactive, solution-based, cost-efficient representation for business owners and individuals across the states of Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

Business & Transactional Law

Businesses of all sizes and types turn to Orson and Brusini for legal representation. With a wealth of experience in dealing with corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, and sole proprietorships, our firm can guide you through something as simple as day-to-day maintenance to more complicated matters like mergers and acquisitions, shareholder disputes, and even bankruptcy law.

Areas of focus include:

Business & Corporate Law
Municipal Insolvency
Commercial Litigation & Alternative Dispute Resolution
Shareholder Disputes
Real Estate Law
Business Insolvency
Administrative Law
Commercial Transactions
Business Succession Planning

Elder Law & Estate Planning

Making end-of-life plans and thinking about long term care are, understandably, not topics most people like to delve in to. However, ensuring that you or those that you love are properly cared for when at the most vulnerable is incredibly important. You will be surprised by the peace of mind that a little planning in advance can provide.

Areas of focus include:

Elder Law
Estate Planning
Special Needs Trusts
Veterans Benefits
Probate Practice & Estate Administration

Insolvency & Shareholder Disputes

When it comes to insolvency and shareholder disputes, businesses cannot afford to hire the wrong legal representation. The stakes are high, and the subject matter has a steep learning curve. At Orson & Brusini, we have extensive experience dealing with this highly complicated and sophisticated area of legal practice — and our professional recognition within the community is a testament to our commitment.


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